View Denmark’s priority areas for development cooperation in education along with its contributions to the GPE Fund.

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Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers development cooperation. The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the planning, implementation, and quality assurance of Denmark’s development cooperation.

The foundation of Denmark’s development cooperation is anchored in democratic values and human rights. In particular with regards to promoting and protecting the rights of girls and women along with vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Denmark's strategy developed in 2021, 'The World We Share', sets out the foundation for Denmark’s development cooperation from 2021 to 2025 and has two main priorities:

  • Preventing and fighting poverty and inequality, conflict and displacement, irregular migration and fragility.
  • Lead the fight to stop climate change and restore balance to the planet.

Denmark will continue to provide 0.7% of GNI in official development assistance.

In education, Denmark will:

  • Work to ensure quality education for children and young people in humanitarian and development interventions.
  • Work to ensure equal access to education, with focus on vulnerable groups, higher quality education as well as gender equality in and through education, enabling boys and girls to grow up as equal citizens.
Martin Bille Hermann, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Denmark to the United Nations. Photo credit: Raul Mee (EU2017EE)
Where there is education, there is hope. Every child has a right to education, every child has a right to hope. The Global Partnership for Education plays an absolutely indispensable part in delivering education and delivering hope.
Martin Bille Hermann
Ambassador and Permanent Representative
of Denmark to the United Nations
February 2018

Denmark and GPE

Denmark hosted the first-ever GPE Replenishment Conference in November 2011.

Denmark sits on the Finance and Risk Committee.

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