View Estonia’s priority areas for development cooperation in education along with its contributions to the GPE Fund.

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Aid to education

In Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversees the country’s development cooperation. According to the 2016-2020 strategy (Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Strategy 2016-2020), Estonia’s development cooperation and humanitarian aid objectives include:

  • To contribute to reducing global poverty and human development in lower-income countries
  • To support peace and stability, the granting of human rights, the development of democracy as well as the promoting of good governance practices in lower-income countries
  • To promote economic development, including support for economic reform, integration into the global trade network and agriculture, fostering environmentally friendly and sustainable development
  • To enhance development cooperation capacity of the Estonian public, private and third sectors and increasing the population’s awareness of development cooperation and introducing global education. Development of the ICT-sector and e-governance issues will be a horizontal field

Estonia places particular emphasis on sharing experiences with transition economies.

Liina Kersna, Minister of Education and Research, Estonia
“... We prioritize quality education in our development cooperation... Alongside cooperation, there is an equally important opportunity to learn from each other and to promote education as an enabler for sustainable development. Education is the key to societies' success.”
Liina Kersna
Minister of Education and Research, Estonia
July 2021
Last updated April 05, 2024