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The business community works collaboratively with GPE to develop high-profile public-private partnerships that deliver impactful results and enhanced visibility.

Why partner with GPE?

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Make a
Join forces to advocate for transformative change and positively influence education policy at national and international levels.
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Leverage GPE’s influential partnership network to implement real, measurable change at scale.
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Through the GPE Match, GPE will double qualifying business investments made in education in partner countries.
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Receive enhanced visibility for your work in education and align your brand with global education leaders and change-makers.

Some of our projects

Discover some of the innovative projects and success stories that our private sector partners are supporting.

Students from Class 8 raise their hands during a lesson in the computer lab at Marble Quarry Primary School in Kajiado Central on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Ecobank Foundation, Avanti Communications and Rotary International joined forces with the government of Kenya to address the challenges that affect girls’ access to education, as part of GPE's Girls’ Education Awareness Program. Read more

Members gather for the last meeting of the Education Data Solutions Roundtable in Washington DC on April 10, 2019 Credit: GPE/Chantal Rigaud

A GPE convening brought together technology leaders HP, Intel, Microsoft and Cisco to co-create an ongoing pilot program that sets into motion the production of a much-needed guide for ministries on how to acquire and use data systems.

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Public-private partnerships

Apply strategic capabilities and other non-financial assets to pivotal education challenges

GPE coordinates two public-private partnerships, each focusing on areas of fundamental impact, reaching across entire national education systems. By joining these partnerships, the business community works with ministries of education, other companies, foundations and international development organizations to address two system-wide challenges in scores of countries: 

Girls Education Awareness Program (GEAP):

Leveraging the business community's marketing and outreach capabilities to get more girls in school and learning: In partnership with ministries of education, GPE works with partners to leverage marketing, advocacy and communications capabilities of private sector partners to help address issues that can prevent girls from going to school.

Learn more about the GEAP

Education Data Leadership Program (EDLP):

Applying business know-how to improving education management information systems. Through the EDLP, some of the world's most data-savvy organizations support ministries' efforts to increase their data management capacity, strengthen those systems and bring them up to date.

Find out more about EDLP


The GPE Match: Leverage GPE as an investment partner

Compounding the size and impact of philanthropic investments in education

GPE offers two ways for the business and philanthropic communities to trigger matching funds for their investments in education. The mechanism, called GPE Match, applies only to the business community and private foundations—and is meant to incentivize and support work aligned with country priorities. There are two ways to trigger the Match: 

Trigger a 1-to-1 match for programs in partner countries

When business partners invest in new approved initiatives in partner countries, GPE makes available 1:1 matching grants to support their implementation—the GPE Match. GPE plays a coordinating role ensuring strong communications among all partners. In-kind as well as financial contributions can qualify for a match.

Trigger a 1-to-1 match for a contribution to girls' education

GPE has created a dedicated fund for girls' education initiatives across the partnership, focused on countries with the furthest to go on gender equity: the Girls' Education Accelerator. Business partners can have a direct impact on girls' education by contributing financially through this initiative, which triggers a 1:1 match from the GPE Fund.

Learn more about GPE Match and explore its operational guidelines.

Some of our partners

Rotary International

GPE objectives require joint efforts and commitment to achieve quality education for every child. Discover how global and country-level partners work together to make GPE a stronger and more inclusive partnership.


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