Transforming education in Lebanon

For generations, Lebanon has prioritized education to build human capital, but recent unprecedented crises, including an influx of refugees, the COVID-19 pandemic, and economic instability, have posed challenges to providing quality education for all.

A spike in poverty and vulnerability has contributed to a decrease in school completion and an increase in the number of out-of-school children.

Lebanon’s General Education Plan 2021-2025 was developed in the context of these crises and builds on lessons learned from previous plans. It aims to support all children to complete basic education and ensure equitable access to secondary and higher education.

The plan emphasizes the importance of early childhood education, keeping children in school and providing learning opportunities for those who are not in school.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, with support from GPE, will develop a multi-year sector plan beyond 2025.

Lebanon is committed to providing strong domestic financial support to education and working in partnership with sector stakeholders to enhance the quality, accessibility, inclusivity, and resilience of the education system.  

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