Transforming education in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine since February 2022 has been devastating, with a severe impact on many sectors, including education.

The conflict is taking a heavy toll on families and children, with many displaced internally or in other countries in search for security. Close to 6 million Ukrainian children and adolescents lost access to education at some point.

Learning resumed in mid-March 2022 through a remote and blended mode, but schools have been targeted and many of them have been damaged or destroyed.

As of early 2023, 440 facilities have been destroyed and more than 3,000 have been damaged (source). The situation is expected to severely increase vulnerabilities and loss of learning, and negatively impact children’s wellbeing and mental health.

The Ministry of Education and Science is responding to the emergency needs and planning for the next phase of recovery and development, seeking support from a diverse set of stakeholders to mobilize funding.

Ukraine is eligible to up to $40 million from the GPE Multiplier and $2.7 million for a system capacity grant.

Result story

Ukraine: Students adapt to learning during conflict

In Ukraine, students’ lives and studies have been upended by the war. The country recently joined GPE, signaling that education remains a priority despite tremendously difficult circumstances.


(data as of October 03, 2023)

  • Type: Accelerated funding

    Years: 2023 - 2025

    Allocation: US$25,550,000

    Utilization: US$1,680

    Grant agent: UNESCO, UNICEF

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