Teachers’ voices: The challenges they face and how GPE supports them

Teachers from GPE partner countries talk about how the GPE support is improving their working conditions, making it possible for more children to learn.

October 03, 2022 by GPE Secretariat
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Chhay Kimsak interacts with her grade one students at Chambak Haer Primary School, Puok District in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Credit: GPE/Roun Ry
Chhay Kimsak interacts with her grade one students at Chambak Haer Primary School, Puok District in Siem Reap, Cambodia. August 18, 2022.
Credit: GPE/Roun Ry

Support to teachers and quality teaching is a priority for GPE. In more than 80 partner countries, we aim to improve the quality of education by empowering teachers and ensuring that they are well trained, qualified and motivated.

Teaching quality plays a critical role in better learning for students. Here are a few ways we support teachers and what they say.

67 million
more children
have access to quality teachers since 2002

We support teachers through training and professional development

Aidana Azatovna
“The training methods were really useful for us; the children are more engaged and want to be involved in class thanks to these methods.”
Adina Azatovna
Kindergarten teacher, Kyrgyz Republic
Chhay Kimsak
“My teaching mentor helped me a lot. He taught me the teaching methodologies I lacked, which help fill the gap in my class activities.”
Chhay Kimsak
Teacher, Chambak Haer Primary School, Cambodia

We support teachers by improving the learning environment

Mubwana Aimedi
“The new classrooms make it easier for me: first, I see a beautiful building. I have a large blackboard to write on. When I teach, children can follow easily.”
Mubwana Aimedi
Teacher at Esinumbi School, Democratic Republic of Congo
“Before, up to four students used to share one textbook and students couldn't do their homework … Now each student has a book and they can take it home.”
Abdirahman Azain
Headmaster at Umdebekrat Basic School for Boys, Nyala South Locality, Sudan
Nihorimbere Béatrice
“I faced a lot of difficulties before we got the supplies for girls who are on their period. There were many absences. Now thanks to the supplies, there has been an improvement and reduced school absences. No girl told us that she was absent from school because she was on her period.”
Nihorimbere Béatrice
ECOFO Bumwe, Burundi

We support teachers to continue teaching even after crises, including the COVID pandemic or climate-related disasters

Najma Ali
“In the beginning, we were worried about our students, but with this online and offline learning system, many children continued to learn while at home. With the support of parents and teachers, I believe this system of learning will help children continue their classes during school closures.”
Najma Ali
Teacher, Somalia
Elidja Elavo
“After the cyclone passed, it took us a month to prepare temporary classrooms and set up areas where we could hold classes outdoors. We used tarpaulins to set up tents that successfully accommodated our students.”
Elidja Elavo
Director, Escola Primária Completa de Galinha, Mozambique

We support teachers to do what they do best: impart knowledge, inspire children, and help create the citizens of tomorrow

Nicholas Gathemia
"Most children in our school come from the slums… We expect we shall have engineers coming from the slums, as well as doctors, social workers… This program [funded by GPE] will take this country to very great heights.”
Nicholas Gathemia
Head teacher, Nyamachaki Primary School, Kenya
Sa Lina
“Teachers are needed to build the country… I aim to teach children in my hometown, transferring all the knowledge I possess to them, to help them develop their behaviors and to love learning, labor, and to have good manners.”
Sa Lina
Teacher trainee, Preah Vihear Provincial Teacher Training Center, Cambodia

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