GPE 2020 Strategic Plan

GPE 2020 is the strategic plan for the Global Partnership for Education covering 2016 to 2020. The plan outlines 3 goals and 5 objectives that the partnership will pursue over the 5-year period.

Introduction: Our unique way of working

The Global Partnership for Education addresses the most significant education challenges faced by developing countries through supporting governments to improve equity and learning by strengthening their education systems.

GPE is a global fund and a partnership focused entirely on education in developing countries. The partnership has a unique role: agreeing standards for education planning and policy-making and mobilizing development financing from public and private donors around the world to support and monitor the implementation of those plans.

Support for education sector planning and analysis

GPE’s initial grants to developing country partners (DCPs) fund education sector planning processes. While developing country governments take the lead in planning and are accountable for delivery, GPE enables needs analysis, works to strengthen technical capacity, and brings in the talent and resources of others. As a result, formal stakeholder collaborative forums, known as local education groups (LEGs), exist in most countries. GPE actively supports the participation of civil society, the private sector and teacher organizations in LEGs. We also enable planning processes to be informed by research and shared best practices, including creating opportunities for DCPs to discuss and learn from each other’s experiences.

The existence of robust national education sector plans gives donors greater confidence and enables them to better coordinate their efforts.

Assistance to countries with greatest needs

In allocating our major grants, which help fund the implementation of education sector plans, GPE supports the poorest countries with the greatest education needs. This includes nations with high numbers of out-of-school children and weak school completion rates. Around half of GPE’s developing country partners are fragile and/or conflict-affected.

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