Global and Regional Activities Program

The global and regional activities (GRA) program engages education stakeholders in researching and applying new knowledge and evidence-based practices to resolve education challenges.

The GRA program supports research, capacity development and knowledge sharing at the regional and global levels to accelerate the objectives outlined in GPE’s strategy through technical workshops, peer-learning events and conferences.

It focuses on 3 areas: learning outcomes, education financing, and out-of-school children. The GRA portfolio consists of 15 grants valued at US$31 million.

7 grants of US$17 million awarded to improve learning outcomes

7 grants of US$17 million awarded to improve LEARNING OUTCOMES

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3 grants of close to US$4 million awarded for education financing and systems building

3 grants of close to US$4 million awarded for EDUCATION FINANCING AND SYSTEMS BUILDING

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5 grants totaling US$9,8 million awarded for out-of-school children, access and equity

5 grants totaling US$9,8 million awarded for

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Learning outcomes

GPE has awarded 7 grants of US$17 million to undertake research, knowledge sharing and capacity development activities that seek to better understand and promote good practices in quality education. Projects include activities undertaken by 10 different agencies in at least 53 countries.

1. Development of methodologies to link reading assessments across regions and draw lessons regarding best early assessment practices

Partners: UIS, Hewlett Foundation


Website: Catalog of learning assessments

E-book: Understanding what works in oral reading assessment

Blog: Laying the foundation to monitor learning globally

Blog: Understanding what works in oral reading assessments

2. Learning outcomes in early grades in reading: Integrations of curriculum, teaching, learning materials, and assessment of education

Partners: UNESCO IBE, University of Geneva



Blog: Reading: a way out of poverty

3. ELAN - Effectiveness of teaching and learning in bilingual context

Partners: AFD, OIF


Report: Final report on student assessments

4. OPERA - Teaching and learning effectiveness for learning outcomes

Partners: AFD, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie


Publication: OPERA. Rapport final

Tools: Livret de formation

Video: Improving teaching practices in Africa

Blog: Observer les enseignants en classe pour améliorer l'apprentissage

Blog: De nouveaux outils d'analyse du processus enseignement-apprentissage

5. Pacific Early Grade Readiness and Learning Program (PEARL) Quality/Learning Outcomes

Partner: World Bank


Story and video: A better start for children in Tonga

Press release: Pacific early age readiness and learning workshop a success

6. Improving Teacher Support and Participation in Local Education Groups

Partners: UNESCO, Education International


Website: Enhancing teacher participation in social dialogue

7. Learning Outcomes - Asia Region/ Learner assessment for instructional progress

Partners: UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education


Website: Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia Pacific (NEQMAP)

Online database: NEQMAP Knowledge Portal

Policy Brief: Using large-scale assessments of students' learning to inform education policy: Insights from the Asia-Pacific region

Blog: Ensuring learning data matters

Education financing and systems building

GPE has awarded 3 grants of close to US$4 million to 4 partners in support of research, development of new methodologies and tools, capacity development, and evidence-based advocacy on issues related to school grants and equity, national systems and financial flows. Overall, the 3 grants cover at least 14 countries worldwide.

1. Education Financing: Development of methodologies to improve national reporting on financial flows

Partners: UIS and IIEP (Paris and Pole de Dakar)



Webinar: National Education Accounts (NEA) - September 2016


2. Education Financing: School Grants

Partners: IIEP


Website: Improving school financing: the use and usefulness of schoo grants

Report: Transferencias financieras a escuelas y el derecho a la educación. El caso del Programa Hondureño de Educación Comunitaria

Reports: Améliorer le financement de l'éducation : utilisation et utilité des subventions aux écoles. Madagascar - Haiti  -   RDC - Togo


3. School profiles: systems improvement

Partners: UNICEF, IIEP, Pole de Dakar



Out-of-school children, access and equity

Five grants totaling US$9,8 million were awarded to undertake projects in over 60 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The projects seek to enable a better understanding of the persistent challenges to access, the multiple barriers confronted by out-of-school children and ensuring equity for the most marginalized, including girls and children with disabilities.

1. Out-of-School children: Closing the data gap

Partners: UIS, UNICEF, World Bank, UNESCO


Report: Fixing the Broken Promise of Education for All – Findings from the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children

Blog: Reducing the number of out-of-school children means reaching the most marginalized

2. Significant reduction in out-of-school children

Partners: UNICEF, UIS, national governments


Website: All in school

3. Addressing the out-of-school children data and policy gaps

Partners: World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, UIS, national governments


Report: Ending child marriage: laws and regulations

Reports: Economic impact of child marriage: Global report - Educational attainment brief

Website: Economic impact of child marriage

4. Disability, health and education in support of learning for all

Partner: World Bank


Report: Guidelines for school-based eye health programs

5. Addressing school-related gender-based violence



Report: A Rigorous Review of Global Research Evidence on Policy and Practice on School-Related Gender-Based Violence