Kingdom of Eswatini joins the Global Partnership for Education
Children in front of a school in Eswatini. Credit: UNICEF

GPE welcomes a new member country

Washington D.C. / Mbabane, July 11, 2022 – The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) welcomed the Kingdom of Eswatini today as its latest member.

GPE is delighted to include Eswatini as a partner,” said Charles North, acting CEO of GPE. “Eswatini has already demonstrated a strong commitment towards ensuring equitable quality education for all children by developing a new education sector strategic plan 2022-2034. GPE looks forward to working closely with the government and development partners in Eswatini to help achieve transformative change in the education system”, added North.

Bhekithemba Gama, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education and Training, Eswatini welcomed the country’s membership in GPE: “The Kingdom of Eswatini is very pleased to become a member of GPE. This comes at an opportune time when the Ministry of Education and Training of Eswatini has completed its sector analysis and sector strategic plan. The partnership will provide an opportunity for the ministry to effectively implement the education sector strategic plan in order to ensure quality education. Eswatini regards the GPE partnership as a value addition as it would make the education system stronger and resilient through interacting with other member countries. The Ministry of Education and Training appreciates the GPE support in monitoring the implementation of the strategy as it would help refine the implementation framework and efficient mobilization of resources.

Prior to joining GPE, Eswatini received a Multiplier grant of US$5 million that is being administered by the World Bank as grant agent. In addition, GPE supported Eswatini’s development of an education sector analysis and an education sector plan through a grant of US$500,000 with UNICEF as grant agent.


Notes to editors

In July 2021 in London, the Global Education Summit co-hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, raised a record US$4 billion for GPE from donors. The fundraising total puts GPE firmly on the path to achieving its target of at least $5 billion, which will enable up to 175 million children to learn and help get 88 million more girls and boys in school by 2025.

About the Global Partnership for Education

GPE is a shared commitment to ending the world’s learning crisis. We mobilize partners and funds to support 82 lower-income countries to transform their education systems so that every girl and boy can get the quality education they need to unlock their full potential and contribute to building a better world.

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Children in front of a school in Eswatini. Credit: UNICEF

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