Independent Technical Advisory Panel

The Independent Technical Advisory Panel supports GPE 2025 by assessing partner country status in the enabling factors for system transformation.

How the ITAP works

The ITAP consists of a global pool of seasoned education experts. For each partner country, four experts are drawn from the pool to provide an independent and contextualized assessment of country status against the four enabling factors for system transformation:

  • data and evidence
  • gender-responsive education sector planning, policy and monitoring
  • sector coordination
  • equity, efficiency and volume of domestic financing to education. 

The ITAP assessment feeds into the country dialogue on the development of a partnership compact around a priority reform to catalyze system transformation. The assessment also informs Board decision-making on GPE financing for the priority reform.

The ITAP will support about 80 countries through 2025.

In addition to country assessments, the ITAP produces an annual report on its functioning, its independence and compliance with conflict-of-interest procedures, and the approach to assessment of the enabling factors. 


The ITAP is headed by Dr. Desmond Bermingham, who previously served as the Head of the EFA-FTI Secretariat and Head of Education Profession at DfID, and currently serves as the CEO of ACER UK.

The ITAP has 27 senior experts – including the Chair - in education reform and planning, finance, data and evidence, gender equality, human rights in education and sector coordination.

ITAP members are appointed for a three-year term, subject to review and renewal of annual short-term consultancy contracts.

The ITAP is overseen by the Performance, Impact and Learning Committee.