Transforming education in Benin

Drawing on the country’s development objectives laid out in the “Vision Bénin Alafia 2025” and approved by the government in June 2018, the Education Sector Plan for 2018-2030 highlights the government's vision that: "In 2030, Benin's education system ensures that all learners, without distinction, have access to the skills, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that will fulfill them and make them competent and competitive citizens able to ensure economic growth, sustainable development and national cohesion".

The country’s education priorities are based on the policy options and principles mentioned in the sector plan, with particular emphasis on the implementation of the new architecture of the education system:

  • Implementing a 12-year universal basic education cycle
  • Develop a vocational training offer adapted to the needs of economic development
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Develop more effective, efficient and inclusive governance.

The local education group helps the government and all partners organize regular joint sector reviews since 2010. All subsectors are represented in the group and participate in decision making.

Result story

Benin is giving more children a chance at education

With support from the Global Partnership for Education since 2007, Benin has expanded access to education in remote areas through various interventions, ensuring that more children go to school and stay in school.


(data as of December 05, 2023)

  • Type: System capacity

    Years: 2022 - 2025

    Allocation: US$585,465

    Utilization: US$32,391

    Grant agent: UNICEF

  • Type: Program implementation

    Years: 2020 - 2024

    Allocation: US$19,400,000

    Utilization: US$13,945,526

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: COVID-19

    Years: 2020 - 2022

    Allocation: US$7,000,000

    Utilization: US$6,890,553

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: Program development

    Years: 2018 - 2019

    Allocation: US$198,507

    Utilization: US$198,507

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: Sector plan development

    Years: 2016 - 2018

    Allocation: US$402,096

    Utilization: US$402,096

    Grant agent: SDC

  • Type: Program implementation

    Years: 2014 - 2018

    Allocation: US$42,030,538

    Utilization: US$42,030,538

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: Sector plan development

    Years: 2012 - 2013

    Allocation: US$56,200

    Utilization: US$38,034

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: Program implementation

    Years: 2008 - 2012

    Allocation: US$75,108,025

    Utilization: US$75,108,025

    Grant agent: WB

Civil society engagement

As part of its investment in civil society advocacy and social accountability efforts, GPE’s Education Out Loud fund is supporting:

  • The Coalition Béninoise des Organisations pour l'éducation pour Tous ( CBO-EPT) for the 2022-2024 period. This builds on previous support from the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF).
  • The Organisation pour le Développement Durable le Renforcement et l’Auto-promotion des Structures Communautaires (DEDRAS) for the 2022-2024 period.

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