Transforming education in El Salvador

As of 2019, more than half of the children in El Salvador at late primary age were not proficient in reading. Many of the students that made it past primary school soon dropped out of secondary school.

El Salvador has prioritized achieving quality early childhood learning, with a focus on equality and inclusion. Working with GPE and its partners, the country aims to increase the access and quality of early childhood learning, especially to girls from the earliest years by revising curriculums, defining quality standards for educational services and developing teacher training with a gender perspective.

Investing in early years will help ensure that all children enter primary education ready to learn and are less likely to fall behind, especially the most vulnerable children.

A $10 million Multiplier grant combined with $5 million from GPE’s Girls’ Education Accelerator will boost efforts to close the gender gap in education in El Salvador. The targeted funding will address harmful social norms from an early age with the creation of gender-sensitive learning materials and gender-equitable learning assessments.

Result story

El Salvador is the first country to access the GPE Girls’ Education Accelerator

In June 2022, El Salvador became the first GPE partner country to access the Girls’ Education Accelerator (GEA). The country will use the $15 million grant to tackle gender norms from an early age and support gender-equitable learning assessment from early childhood to secondary school.


(data as of May 21, 2024)

  • Type: Multiplier and Girls' Education Accelerator

    Years: 2023 - 2027

    Allocation: US$15,000,000

    Utilization: US$326,347

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: System capacity

    Years: 2022 - 2025

    Allocation: US$1,600,000

    Utilization: US$39,198

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: Sector plan development

    Years: 2020 - 2025

    Allocation: US$699,625

    Utilization: US$590,655

    Grant agent: WB

Civil society engagement

As part of its investment in civil society advocacy and social accountability efforts, GPE’s Education Out Loud fund is supporting Ayuda en Accion for the 2020-2023 period.

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