Transforming education in Uzbekistan

The education system in Uzbekistan is currently managed by two ministries: Ministry of Preschool and School Education and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.

The education is the sector with the highest government expenditures, 20.5 percent of public expenditures and 4.9 percent of the national GDP, according to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics. This is considerably more than other countries in the Central Asia region and elsewhere with a similar income level.

The Ministry of Preschool and School Education adopted the second education sector plan (2019-2023). The plan was developed with the participation of the different divisions of the MoPE, MoPSE, other line ministries (Finances, Economy, Health, and Employment and Labor Relations), as well as the State Inspection for the Quality of Education, State Statistics Committee and international development partners.

The 2019-23 ESP has an overall vision that reflects the recent reforms introduced by the Government of Uzbekistan and is consistent with the it’s national development strategy 2017-2021.

Result story

Uzbekistan: Teacher home visits support learning for the youngest children

  • 7-year-old Hondamir is now ready to attend primary school thanks to the home visiting program.
  • A Multiplier grant of US$10 million mobilized alongside almost US$60 million in additional co-financing from the World Bank, supports the early childhood development project. This program aims to increase access to preschool education for vulnerable children living in remote areas of Uzbekistan.
  • Since Hondamir started participating in the home visiting program, his knowledge and skills have improved significantly. He, along with children from 3471 families participating in the program, is now fully prepared for primary school.


(data as of April 19, 2024)

  • Type: Multiplier

    Years: 2023 - 2028

    Allocation: US$40,000,000

    Utilization: 0

    Grant agent: IsDB

  • Type: System capacity

    Years: 2023 - 2026

    Allocation: US$2,849,250

    Utilization: 0

    Grant agent: WB

  • Type: Multiplier

    Years: 2019 - 2024

    Allocation: US$10,000,000

    Utilization: US$3,989,730

    Grant agent: WB

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