Girls in Al-Hamzi in their class in Al-Hamzi school, Hajjah. Credit: UNICEF/UN0459555/Marish

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Total grant support: US$177,567,502

Grant eligibility:

  • Multiplier
  • Girls' Education Accelerator
  • System capacity
  • System transformation

Education sector plan

Objective: Address immediate needs; ensure prevention, preparedness and mitigation of risks for children and education personnel; retain some of the past gains and improvements in access to and quality of education.

Other key documents

Transforming education in Yemen

Yemen considers education vital to eliminating poverty and is focused on ensuring that all children have access to quality education. The country’s development plans consistently prioritize human development and the education of the labor force.

While access to basic education has improved, Yemen still faces significant challenges, including girls’ enrollment, retention and completion rates, teaching quality and instructional materials, and emergency or conflict-afflicted areas.

The Medium-Term Results Framework 2013-2015 covered the period 2013-2015 and outlined 10 programs under 5 objectives. The country is in the process of developing a transitional sector plan through support from GPE and other development partners.

Result story

Yemen: Keeping education going amid conflict

  • GPE has responded to the changing needs of Yemen’s education system during over 7 years of conflict, helping sustain access to education and prevent the system from collapse.
  • With GPE’s support, Yemen, through inclusive participation of education partners, developed a transitional education plan and strengthened sector coordination as well as the humanitarian-development nexus.
  • The power of partnership has led to the mobilization of resources critical to the realization of Yemen’s goals: keep schools open and ensure students learn in a safe environment.


(data as of June 23, 2024)

  • Type: System capacity

    Years: 2023 - 2024

    Allocation: US$766,944

    Utilization: US$260,383

    Grant agent: UNESCO

  • Type: Program implementation and Multiplier

    Years: 2021 - 2025

    Allocation: US$47,400,000

    Utilization: US$31,309,363

    Grant agent: WB

Civil society engagement

As part of its investment in civil society advocacy and social accountability efforts, GPE’s Education Out Loud fund is supporting the Yemeni Coalition for Education for All for the 2020-2023 period. This builds on previous support from the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF).

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