Blog series: The role of education in addressing climate change

In this blog series, experts and thought leaders present their views on how essential education is to addressing climate change.

December 09, 2022 by GPE Secretariat
4 minutes read

The importance of education to promote climate action has become more critical than ever. Knowledge on climate change helps people to understand and address its impact, and empower communities to change their behaviors, to adapt and act as agents of change to this global emergency.

Making the case for climate-smart education systems has become urgent. The international community needs to not only build more resilient education systems to mitigate the impact of climate and environmental change; but it also needs to build knowledge, skills and agency for climate adaptation and mitigation to maximize the potential of educated populations to address the climate and environment crisis.

This series of blogs features what experts and thought leaders have to say about how essential education is to address climate change.

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Thanks for your commitment for education in poor countries around the world.
In my country, Burkina Faso, the security crise that affects a lot the education system is in a large part indirectly linked to the climate change. The high reduction of natural ressources during this last decades generates important conflicts about their exploitation. This conflicts turned to an important security crise that closed more than 2500 schools(25%) according to the EiE Technical secretary report in november.
It is clear that climate change affects education, directly or not.

A pedagogy for climate action is suitable for all if we really want to have sustainable development, because climate and Mother Earth are one and we and Mother Earth are one

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