Education in Mozambique

Since its independence, the government of Mozambique has viewed education as a fundamental right of all citizens and as essential for the reduction of poverty and the development of the country.

The government has prioritized the creation and expansion of opportunities to ensure that all children have access to, and complete, a basic education of seven years, while at the same time creating conditions for a sustainable expansion of quality post-primary education.

Blogs and news

Students listening in class, Mozambique. Credit: GPE/Arnaldo Langa
April 15, 2017
The Ministry of education and human development in Mozambique signed an agreement with education sector partners to improve the quality of primary education.
Participants at a 3-day workshop in Tanzania on gender-responsive education sector plans . Credit: GPE/Chantal Rigaud
March 31, 2017
Educators from Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania Mainland, Uganda, Zambia and Zanzibar gathered in Dar Es Salaam, tanzania this week to pilot the use of the recently released GPE/UNGEI Guidance for...

Latest grant

Students listening in class. Mozambique.

CREDIT: GPE/Arnaldo Langa
Development objective: improve access to, and quality and equity of education.
Grant agent:IBRD

In 2015, the Mozambique education sector support program was restructured and received additional financing from two different grants: a GPE grant for US$57.9 million and an IDA grant for US$50 million, which support the implementation of its education sector plan through the pooled-fund, FASE, supported by 10 donors.

The GPE grant of US$57.9 million helps to enhance early reading, writing and numeric skills. The grant also improves the learning environment and strengthens service delivery through school management, local governance and accountability.


All amounts are in US dollars.

Grant type Years Allocations Disbursements Grant agent  
Program implementation 2015-2019 57,900,000 50,000,000 IBRD Progress report
2011-2015 90,000,000 90,000,000 IBRD
2008-2010 79,000,000 79,000,000 IBRD
Program development 2014 200,000 199,155 IBRD
  TOTAL 227,100,000 219,199,155    

Education sector progress

The graphs below show overall progress in the education sector in Mozambique. For detailed results from GPE funding, please look for progress reports in the Grants section.


Primary completion rate (%)

Lower secondary completion rate

Out-of-school rate for children of primary school age

Out-of-school rate for adolescents of lower secondary school age

Pre-primary gross enrollment rate

Gender parity index for out-of-school rate – Primary and lower secondary

Public expenditure on education as share of GDP (%)

Public expenditure on education as a share of public expenditure (%)

Students/trained teacher ratio

Teachers trained (%)

Source: World Bank - Education Data
Data on education are compiled by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics from official responses to surveys and from reports provided by education authorities in each country.

Last updated February 26, 2019